Take part in an English theatre play (Leipzig)

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Take part in an English theatre play (Leipzig)

Beitragvon Ubiquity am So 17. Feb 2013, 20:28

Do you speak relatively good English (there is no need for it to be perfect - the ability to communicate is enough), or are you a native English speaker living in Leipzig?

Do you have a little theatre/acting experience - or simply the bravery to get up on stage and perform?

If so, then do something creative and take part in our new theatre performance project! Here are the full details: http://ubiquitytheatre.com/wp/?p=868

Rehearsals will begin on 22nd February from 18.30 - 20.30 and we will then meet at the same time every Friday evening. Get in touch via e-mail or telephone..

If you can't make the week, still get in touch as it will be possible to start the following week.

Ubiquity Theatre Company (Leipzig)
0341 265 562 09

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ubiquitytheatre
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